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How it Works

Share your availability

To get started with us, you need to share your availability through our system. Based on your availability, we will setup an interview between you and the candidates.

Confirm interview schedule

Once the interview is confirmed from the candidate's side, we will call or send you an email to confirm the interview schedule.

Conduct the interview

At the scheduled time, you have to initiate a call through the Aircto dashboard which will put you on the conference call with the candidate for the interview. You need to ask relevant questions with many follow-up questions based on the job description.

Share the report

Post interview, you will get a link where you need to fill in the feedback on the candidate.

Our experts make $2-3K a month by just doing the interviews through Aircto.

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We have got over 30 experts and counting..

Hughson Simon

Full Stack Python Developer, Consultant

I am not just interviewing but I am in the process of renewing and testing my skills. Aircto is a great and cost effective way to select best candidates to the companies and I'm glad to be part of it.

Gaurav Navgire

Principal Software Engineer, Rubix108 Technologies

I am glad to be part of the Aircto experts community. It's an enriching experience to interview candidates from all across India. I trust Aircto and an association like this rare to find.

Gandharv Kumar


A perfect platform to make quick money in your free time by interviewing candidates. I have met and interviewed some great candidates here.

Vivek Manjunath

Senior iOS Developer, Consultant

Interacting and interviewing developers on Aircto has been a pleasant experience. I have had some brilliant discussions on key iOS technologies and it has been fun all around. Kudos to the team for managing the interview schedules efficiently and with no hassle for interviewers. The extra amount I make is cushioning for the spendthrift in me. ;)

Vivek Pathania

Senior iOS Developer, Consultant

Aircto is a platform which not only helps you earn but at the same time helps you get better in the game because you really need to dig up and study even the smallest concepts to be able to take an interview and judge a candidates skills. So, in short, I have ended up earning more money and at the same time polished my own skills.

Jigar Dafda

Tech Lead, Shopsense Fynd

It's a great experience working with Aircto. Every time I take an interview I also learn something new. I personally feel that this is really great way to assess talented candidates for companies. Companies get to filter out the best candidate for their given requirement beforehand only.

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